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How to Get Michele Bachmann to Follow You on Twitter

bachman follow

Today is a momentous day! Michele Bachmann, GOP Presidential candidate, follows Holy Taco on Twitter. Arguably on purpose. If you want to partake in this glory, we have devised a simple guide to get Ms. Bachmann to follow you as well. Behold!

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Michele Bachmann May Want to Serially Murder You

Crazy eyed Michele Bachmann

Michelle Bachmann is not just diabolically stupid, she’s diabolical. Just the regular kind. Plus stupid, but you can read about that anywhere. Remember when she said there were no studies that showed CO2 was a dangerous gas? Ha ha…yeah. But no…

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Look Into Michele Bachmann’s Eyes!


Text Messages from Michele Bachmann

john wayne

Michele Bachmann has tossed her hat in the ring for a Presidential run. She’s also an idiot. Yesterday she made news for likening herself to serial killer John Wayne Gacy by accident when trying to invoke that other John Wayne. What more h…

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