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5 Little People who Were Not Oompah Loompahs


Hollywood could not be where it is today without the skills of a wide variety of people. People of all shapes and colors and sizes, and that includes little people, who you may know as midgets (but don’t say midget, it’s like the N word only don’t …

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25 Little People Impersonators


Just because you’re small doesn’t mean you can’t make an as of yourself.

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The a-Team


The Hottest Tennis Player Around [video] (TotalProSports)   The Awesome Ghostbusters Drinking Game (FanSided)   Halloweens A-Z Guide (MadeMan)   Nascar Drivers Fail At Normal Driving (AllLeftTurns)   War Of The Worlds! (ScreenJun…

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Holy Shit! It’s The Lower Case a-team!


Mini Golf


Angelina Jolie’s Baggy Dress Hides Baby?

Angelina Jolie’s Baggy Dress Hides Baby?

Last night the Screen Actors Guild Awards were held.  I had the choice of watching the ceremony or holding my breath until I passed out.  When I awoke on the floor this morning, I read this:  Angelina Jolie was the center of attention at the Screen…

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