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Oh, Snap! Iran Is Sending Us a Toy Model of Our Own Downed Drone


Remember when one of our spy drones crash landed in Iran and Iran refused to give it back? Well, there’s been a new development in this silly tale. Iran has announced that they will be sending the crashed drone back to us, but it won’t be the same d…

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Metal Poles, Volleyball Cleavage, and Polar Bear Noses: Holy Taco Interviews Model Victoria Vertuga

Vertuga 4

Twitter and the internet as a whole are responsible for making our impossible dream come true: we’re a big hit with sexy models. In the real world it wouldn’t make much sense for a beautiful woman such as today’s interviewee Victoria Vertuga to eng…

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Madonna Ass-Kickings, Don Johnson, and Erections: Holy Taco’s Interview with Model Jessica Vaugn

Jessica Vaugn

Not to toot our own horns or nothing, but we’ve got some pretty hot friends. Take Jessica Vaugn, for instance. With Jessica, we didn’t have to break in to her home, hack in to her Facebook account and Like the Holy Taco Facebook page, because Jessi…

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In Memoriam: Snake That Bit Boob Now Bites Dust

Snake Model Bite Breast

On March 10th, just five days ago, we here at Holy Taco ran one of our regular features, Midnight GIFs. As usual, we presented to you four random, silly GIFs for your entertainment. The second GIF that night featured a bleach blond model seductivel…

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25 Pics of Michelle Baker

michelle in black

If you’re an internet writer whose life is devoted to following trending topics in the hopes of riding the wave of popularity to more views on your site, then you know Michelle Baker is trending right now thanks to her recent appearance on SI…

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MILF Monday: Laetitia Casta


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Laetitia Casta is probably best known for being in every Victorias Secret Lingerie Magazine ever.  She a French Model whose also done Sports Illustrated.  She’s about as hot as it can get and as a…

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