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Three Movie Premises With Even Worse Pseudoscience than “Lucy”


No matter how good Lucy’s story is, and no matter how soothing Morgan Freeman’s voice may be, it all falls apart because the basic premise (we only use 10% of our brains!) is total bullshit. The writers, producers, and director have to k…

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7 Black Actors Who Are Not Samuel L. Jackson


Trust me, this knowledge could save your life one day.

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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen Yet: March 22nd


I honestly never remember what I wrote about the week before without looking and this week I refused to check. I think last week Oz won again even though it opened the week before. Oh, Burt Wonderstone opened last week. Yeah, no one saw that. On…

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The Morning Jolt: Happy Black History Month from Morgan Freeman


I will do whatever Morgan Freeman says. From now on he’s just Morgan Freeman and I’m Mike Wallace.

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Morgan Freeman is Everywhere!


Morgan Freeman Is A Super Black Film Star


Morgan Freeman In Deep Impact, But Okay

Morgan Freeman In Deep Impact, But Okay

As many of you know, Morgan Freeman was in a really bad accident where they had to use the Jaws Of Life to get him out.  Above is his car, a 1997 Nissan Maxima.  Either he was too close to a T-Rex cage when the power went out during a storm, or he …

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