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8 of the Best Sayings About the Moustache


The world is rife with classic sayings. A rolling stone gathers no moss, the road to hell is paved with good intentions, you can’t take your pants off on the bus. There’s plenty to choose from and, as you might expect, the noble moustache has its …

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5 Most Hated Moustaches in the World


It’s November and that means it’s also Movember by nothing but sheer coincidence. Not sure what Movember is? Well then you weren’t reading HT last year or the year before. But whatever – it’s about dudes growing moustaches to raise awareness for …

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Movember Approaches and You Can Win Swag!


It’s that time of year again when the moustaches get all aflutter rin support of men’s health and we once again petition you to register for the Break and Friends Movemeber Team.

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It’s a Wonderful Moustache

moustache vs no moustache

It’s another Movember Monday and as we continue to celebrate and promote the Movember movement (and men’s health in general) we’re forced to wonder…what would life be like without a moustache? What if your moustachely power…

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How to Deal with Not Being Able to Grow a Moustache


So, you want to be a man, but genetics is failing you. Your attempts to grow a proud, Chuck Norris-esque soup strainer have degraded into what could best be described as the post-apocalyptic remains of Donald Trump’s hairpiece strapped to a sweaty…

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The Midnight Mo Monitor – Day 5


Our Mo went to a Gwar concert last night and the result was a bath in fake blood, which apparently is normal at a Gwar concert. I’d punch someone for doing that crap to me, but maybe the Mo is the key to taking it all in stride. By the end…

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The Midnight Mo Monitor – Day 4


The Mo continues in the most unstoppable fashion – behold the majesty! Also, join us for the rest of our Mo coverage.

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The Morning Jolt – Moustaches in the Movies


Moustaches in the Movies – Watch MoreFunny Videos It’s moustaches and movies and you and me and My God,let’s move in together!

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The Midnight Mo Monitor – Day 3


Oh man, the Mo Monitor is really heating up. At any moment that bad boy is going to morph into some kind of handlebar monstrosity, just you wait. Until then, keep up with our Mo coverage and, you know, pray this one doesn’t become self awar…

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25 Animals with Moustaches


Movember doesn’t just have to be about a dude growing a moustache. Or maybe it does. Nonetheless, here are some animals that also have admirable facial hair.

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The Midnight Mo Monitor – Day 2


The Mo watch continues this Movember and sure enough, things are started to look a little rangey over here. Is that even a word? Who knows. Check out what else we have for you this Movember right here and, you know, put on a giant foam finger an…

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