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Today’s Must-See: Musicless Music Videos


Did you know that when you remove the music from music videos, they become totally absurd and surreal? I mean, obviously you knew that, but here’s proof.

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Lil TerRio Is All of Us — So Let the Boy Live


There are a lot of things I can say in opposition to Lil’ TerRio’s glossy new YouTube music video. But damn all that. I actually wanna *be* Lil’ Terrio.

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Eminem Apologizes to His Mom in ‘Headlights’ Video – Does Anyone Believe Him?


Em still manages to drudge up more of his mother’s dirty hayseed family laundry — it’s like he works to squeeze an episode of The Maury Show in at least every other track.

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“Tom Hanks” By Buckwheat Groats Is the Greatest Tom Hanks-Themed Rap Song of All Time, Period


The lack of a Joe Versus the Volcano reference is disappointing, but still, this is important, high-quality work. Plus, the juxtaposition of Hanks’s lovable face amidst all this gangster shit is instantly hilarious.

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Farrah Abraham’s New Song ‘BLOWIN’ Makes Rebecca Black Look Like Ludwig Van Beethoven


Remember when we all thought “Friday” was the worst song ever? This is much worse. “BLOWIN” isn’t nearly as catchy as “Friday,” and it doesn’t communicate the same hopefulness for the end of the week.

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Honoring The Return of VH1’s Pop-Up Video


Remember music videos? It’s hard to remember a time when they were a thing. But they were. They were a real thing, and they played them on TV and everything. One particularly great moment for music videos was when VH1 had its final stroke of inspir…

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7 Incredibly Sad Country Songs

sad cowpolk

Yeah, I know. It’s Friday. I get it. But sadness doesn’t take the weekends off, so maybe some of our readers (or for that matter some of our writers, (or maybe just this writer)) are feeling a little down. Maybe they plan on spending th…

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