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Out With the Weird, In With the Angry: Why It’s Time For a Gritty Reboot of Al Yankovic


Weird Al’s shtick is more formulaic and predictable than a Taco Bell cookbook. He’s that wacky uncle who won’t quit cracking jokes, even when everybody else is focused on politics, war, the crumbling economy, and death, like normal…

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You Questioning Conway Twitty’s Heterosexuality? I’ll Fight You!


More awesome happenings in the sunshine state — two dudes got into a serious bar brawl over the sexual orientation of the late country singer, Conway Twitty. According to the news story the two men got into a scuffle that had the double-wide …

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9 Bigger Musical Turn Offs Than Nickelback

chad kroger

Recently, according to at least one dating site, Nickelback was voted the biggest musical turn off of all – if you listed Nickelback as a favorite band, you were basically saying to others “Sex? Oh no, none for me, thanks” and they responded in kin…

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Who In The Holy Taco Is “Tyler The Creator”?


Don’t be silly, old man. Tyler the Creator is the young and hilariously brazen front man for the alternative hip-hop group known by most as “Odd Future”. He just won “Best New Artist” at the MTV VMA’s, so youR…

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Five Actors Who Regrettably Dabbled In Music


Sometimes (often times) actors become so famous that they accidentally buy into their own hype. That means they take the obliging compliments they receive after a solid karaoke number, and spin them into something beyond their actual abilities. Man…

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Oxford Dictionary Removes ‘Cassette Tape,’ Leaving Me To Explain What One Is To My Future Children

Cassette Tape

  Hey Son, I know you enjoy your ocular data Netflix streams and subsonic sound waves that play music in your brain that no one else can hear, but take a seat and listen to a tale about how your daddy used to listen to music and watch movies w…

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A Brief Tribute To Deceased Warrant Front Man, Jani Lane


You probably don’t keep up with the current status of eighties hair bands like we here at Holy Taco do, so it is with great sadness that we are probably the first people to tell you, Jani Lane died last week at the young age of 47 (which is l…

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Great News! Tommy Hilfiger’s Son Is a Rapper!


Young people have every right to express themselves artistically however they choose, but when a super rich white kid starts rapping about drugs and how much of a hard ass he is, it’s a little unsettling. Especially if you know for an absolut…

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Analyzing The Strong Pro-Incest Message of Elvis Presley’s Song “Kissin’ Cousins”

kissin cousins_Elvis

Well I’ve got a gal, she’s as cute as she can be She’s a distant cousin but she’s not too distant with me Alright, right off the bat, a quarter of a verse in to the song, we encounter incest. Some artists like to disguise t…

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Prussian Blue Is All Grown Up! Still Awful.


Well, it finally happened, and the result is exactly as I predicted. The adorably hateful, naive little girls known as the musical duo Prussian Blue is all grown up. Lamb and Lynx claim they no longer hate anyone who doesn’t look like them. A…

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What Your Music Festival Says About You

What Your Music Festival Says About You

Now that summer is in full swing, it’s time to get out and see some music at big, sweaty, obnoxious festivals. No other summer event will evoke such feelings of both love and hate simultaneously as you revel in the feeling of being part of what am…

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5 of the Most Terrible Ladies of Hip Hop


Bad hip hop has become a fabulous genre all on its own thanks to musical luminaries like Bangs and Ja Rule. But too often the terrible ladies of hip hop are overlooked in favor of the terrible men. But no longer! Holy Taco has suffered through t…

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