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Bad Headlines with Worse Stories


Yesterday I read a headline that made me laugh and, without reading the story, I just made up what I assumed happened. I was way off, as it happens, but the real story was depressing and uninteresting.

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Holy Taco Revists Manti Te’o's Imaginary Girlfriend


Remember early in 2013 when football punchline Manti Te’o made headlines for sustaining a long term relationship with a girl who never existed?

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13 Police Blotters To Make You Fear For Your Safety


Do you ever check your town’s police blotter? You should, because Lord knows what kind of terror occurs in right in your own backyard each and every day. Arms dealers, cannibals, nuclear gun slingers! It could be any or all of them. Here…

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The Stories You’ll Hate in 2013

holiday 2013

Well it’s a brand new year and that means brand new stuff is going to happen, right? Wrong. Nothing new has happened since 1990 with the release of U Can’t Touch This which ushered in an era of white kids trying to rap.

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UPDATE: The Duggars Are Still Weird and Gross

UPDATE: The Duggars Are Still Weird and Gross

You guys remember the Duggars, right? Of course you do. How could you forget about America’s fastest reproducing family? Mama Duggar is once again publicly defending her choice to have way too many kids! This time she’s made it her missi…

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A Cure For Baldness, Man Boobs, And Other Dude Problems


Get excited, chrome-domes. They’ve discovered the cause for male pattern baldness, which means they’re one step closer to finding the cure! This is a great time to be in your early thirties. Just as your hair starts disappearing and you…

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Five Things We’ll Miss About Real Encyclopedias


You’ve probably found out by now the news that Encyclopedia Britannica is ceasing production of its hard copy books, and you probably found that on the internet, while reading the news that used to come in paper form. If you were fortunate en…

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Updating China’s Hilarious Population Control Slogans!


In China, most couples are only allowed to have one child. Sure, there’s a few exceptions, but for the most part, average folks are only allowed a single offspring. As an American, it’s oddly unsettling to hear something like that. Your…

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Holy Taco Draws the News: The Oscars


Tomorrow are the Academy Awards. Please take today to work with friends and family to build up the ability to give a damn.

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Snowbound In Your Car For Two Months: WWHTD?


Somewhere just south of the Arctic Circle, forty-four year old Peter Skyllberg, ended up trapped in his snow-covered car for TWO MONTHS! That’s a really long time. Seriously inconvenient. He was probably paying rent on his apartment for those…

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Holy Taco Draws the News: Chris Brown


Extra Extra, Chris Brown is a doucher! Anyway, we drew the story for you so you don’t have to read much.

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