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Reviewing Movies we Haven’t Seen: September 14th


Oh man, I don’t know what happened but what an awesome week for movies. I usually have to toss in at least one movie I know no one is going to see to pad these columns out but this week I had to cut stuff because there’s so much awesomeness opening…

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The Day I Met Nicolas Cage


If you’ve followed my writing closely in the past, and you have for fear of punishment, then you are aware I have brushes with celebrities the same way hobos have brushes with sanity – those stark, unpredictable moments when sense almost creeps into…

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The 25 Moods of Nic Cage

14 confused

Nic Cage is America’s greatest treasure.

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When Nic Cage Attacks

nicolas cage

Nicolas Cage, one of the semi hairless order of Coppolas, is often found in populated areas of California, New York and occasionally around foreclosed castles in Germany. Known for its violent outburst, remarkable cranial slope and amusing plumage,…

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Manhunt: How Nicholas Cage Found his Son Weston

nicolas cage and his son

The following are notes we recovered from Nic Cage’s garbage/tent in which he lives. They were written on cocktail napkins. My son Weston is missing. It’s up to me, Nic Cage, to solve the mystery! (Follow along and see if you can help Nic figure…

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Ranking the 7 Best Lines from Reviews of Nicolas Cage’s Season of the Witch

nicolas cage with hair

Nicolas Cage is still one of the highest paid actors in all of Hollywood, despite the fact that I think other people have seen the last 15 or so movies he’s made and must be aware of how utterly ridiculous they are. Just because you make one good …

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25 Preposterous and Awesome Pics of Nicolas Cage

25 Preposterous and Awesome Pics of Nicolas Cage

  Nicolas Cage is one of our greatest treasures because he can’t not have at least one scene per movie that makes you think you just heard or saw something wrong.  But you didn’t.  That crap really happened, and Nic Cage …

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25 Nicolas Cages


Have you ever wished that Nic Cage was everyone, all the time? Well, the guys here have. For more, click here or here or here.  

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He’s a Method Actor


 Hottest Girls Of The NHL (TotalProSports)   6 Signs A Girl Wants You (MadeMan)   Danica Patrick Gets Nude (AllLeftTurns)   Clinton vs Letterman (ScreenJunkies)   Amy Sedaris Loves The In And Out (LemonDrop)   Lady Gaga…

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