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Old Cell Phones Aren’t Better Than Smartphones, No Matter What Nostalgics Insist


Androids, iPhones, and Samsungs are mainstream, and this the backlash has begun: they’re too big, they don’t hit in your pocket, they’re fragile, those apps suck away your money, etc. People are actually braying about how much bett…

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Cabbage Patch Kids: Forever Creepy


Now that the worst Oscars ever are over, and all the world’s problems are solved, we can go back to focusing on nostalgia! Let’s talk about Cabbage Patch Kids. Remember those? Remember how weird-looking they were? Do you even know where…

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7 Suprising G.I. Joe Figures Based On Real People


G.I. Joe action figures have been around for generations, but it wasn’t until the eighties that Hasbro started using celebrities and other types to help promote them. There’s a few Joes based on real people that most of us are familiar w…

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Christmas Commercials From The 80′s


Some of you may remember the eighties, or you’ll at least remember that people didn’t whine so much about how awful the economy was, because we were doing really awesome for a while. That’s when people were buying things all willy…

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