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5 (plus 1) More Big Announcements from Donald Trump


As you know, we’re close friends with Donald Trump which is why I so freely and openly call him a shithead and other such colorful phrases on twitter all the time. ALL THE TIME. Because we can kid like that.

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Ranking the Image of 9 World Leaders


Yesterday were the Screen Actor’s Guild awards, another opportunity for famous, rich people to congratulate other famous, rich people on how awesome they are. But not once, not once, have the SAG awards ever acknowledged the stunning fashion sense …

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11 Bizarre Pieces of Obama Fan Art


Our friends over at the Huffington Post put together this galley of pics that include the above Obama on a Mastodon, which would guarantee his reelection. Check out the full gallery

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Holy Taco’s State of the Union Rebuttal


The picture President Obama painted in his State of the Union address is a rosy one, filled with flowery language and proper “sentence structure”, all about how America is slowly but surely climbing its way out of the economic gutter and back to pro…

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New Conspiracy Theory Suggests Barack Obama Was A Time and Space Traveling Explorer Of Mars – No, Seriously.

Obama Spock

President Obama’s name gets tossed around a lot by conspiracy theorists; I’m guessing because his name is kind of fun to say and it fits in well when surrounded by a bunch of crazy, completely fictitious crap. It’s almost a joke name that you throw…

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The Verdict Is In, Bro: Americans Are The Coolest


That’s right everyone, according to the rest of the world, Americans are the coolest. Here’s the part where I lower my ray-bans, say “Tell me somethin’ I don’t know,” and light up a smoke. A social networking sit…

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Obama Eating Ice Cream, Not Caring About You


We know, summer’s almost over. So of course, we’ll cut Obama some slack, but this photo of him enjoying an ice cream cone couldn’t have come along at a worse time. 

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How Will The U.S. Deal With It’s Lowered Credit Rating?


    We’re all aware at this point that the United States has had their credit downgraded. That’s going to mean some changes for the former financial powerhouse. It’s going to have to feel the effects of it’s poor …

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Wait, What Happened? – Post Rapture Edition


Great news! We all survived the rapture! I know you were probably too worried about dying to keep up with current events, so I’ve compiled this list of things you should know about. Here is this week’s "Wait, What Happened?"&#…

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Inner Monologue of A Bunch of People During The State of the Union

Inner Monologue of A Bunch of People During The State of the Union

Last night the airwaves were taken over by our president and bunch of people that look like that’d rather be somewhere else. We call this the State of the Union address. It’s an event filled with random cutaways to politicians that have no idea the…

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How To Walk Somewhere Without Dying

Group Walking_cropped

We are a nation that has become lazy. We’re fat and lazy. To combat this, Michelle Obama began a program known as “Get Moving,” which is a simple and effective program that promotes the somewhat absurd idea of actually using your legs to transport …

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