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5 (plus 1) More Big Announcements from Donald Trump


As you know, we’re close friends with Donald Trump which is why I so freely and openly call him a shithead and other such colorful phrases on twitter all the time. ALL THE TIME. Because we can kid like that.

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He’s Still a Man, with Man-Needs


HT Exclusive: The Torture Photos that Obama Won’t Release


There’s been some uproar recently about unpublished torture photos that Barack Obama decided to release, and then changed his mind about.  We managed to get a hold of the pictures, and we don’t really see what all the fuss is about,…

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Presidents vs. Pirates


Amputee MMA Fighter (drunkenstepfather)   England Openly Mocks Drunken Sports Fans (ejb)   America’s Craziest Assassins (askmen)   Michelle is HOT (gorillamask)   Bullet Train Surfing (evilchili)   Ricky Gervais has a …

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Yes We Can…Eat Brains


CNN: Not The Most Trusted Name In Polls


How The Religious Right Sees Stem Cell Research


President Obama signed an executive order Monday repealing a Bush-era policy that limited federal tax dollars for embryonic stem cell research. And while this move was lauded by many in the scientific community as a means to helping cure a wide arra…

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Change We Can Believe In


What is She Holding Onto?


The NY Post Unveils A New Children’s Cartoon

The NY Post Unveils A New Children’s Cartoon

After the controversy from the New York Post’s recent comic that came under fire for allegedly referring to Barack Obama as a monkey, the Post has unveiled a new comic, this time for children. Using the "Where’s Waldo" theme, k…

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Fox News Needs To Work On What They Consider “Breaking News”