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P. Diddy Caused 9/11 and Stole 100 Zillions of Dollars, Claims A Crazy Lady

P Diddy Cash

We all often call someone crazy when they in no way deserve to be labeled with such a harsh word. Not, at least, when there are people like Valerie Joyce Wilson Turks on earth. Valerie is the true definition of crazy. She believes Sean “P. Diddy” C…

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2009 Douchebag Tournament: The Sweet 16


  We had our closest matches yet yesterday, with a few games being decided by less than one percentage point (Coulter over O’Reilly, Francis over Mozilo and Trump over Thain) and a few other really close ones (Kanye over Cruise and PacMa…

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2009 Douchebag Tournament Round 1, Day 2


    Welcome to day two of HolyTaco’s 2009 Douchebag Tournament. Before we get to today’s matchups, here are the results from yesterday’s games.   Click here to see the updated bracket.   (1) Chris Brown 75.3% D…

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