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Hamster Asses, Doorknob Licking, And Other Strange Japanese Obsessions


I realize that it’s the antithesis of political correctness to make sweeping generalizations about a whole group of people, especially if that generalization tends toward the negative. But man…the Japanese are just plain effing weird.

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What Are Her Panties Saying? (Besides “No”)


Women say a lot with their underwear. Unfortunately, they say a lot with their mouths, too. KIDDING! Back to the underpants. If you’re not familiar with women’s underwear, this guide is meant to help you out. All of us Holy Taco writers…

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Modern Sexism: The Call Me Panty

Modern Sexism:  The Call Me Panty

The entire staff at Holy Taco is up in arms today, thanks to an email we received alerting us to the existence of the Call Me Panty. It’s some gitch with a pocket in the front you can put your cell phone in, intended for ladies who want to p…

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Girls Getting Wedgies – A Gallery


Girls are sexy and wedgies are hilarious. There is no disputing that, so we’ve combined them both in a picture gallery that’s sexlarious. You’re welcome.      

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Sleepovers Look Like Fun


To Be That Tree


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