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A Parapalegic Losing Part of His Penis is the Most Comically Sad Story Ever


Meet the latest case of a guy so sad you almost have no choice but to be glad you’re not him. He’s anonymous, and for good reason: he’s suing a Quebec hospital for botched surgery on his penis that resulted in over an inch being lo…

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Something For The Ladies – A Gallery


Lately we’ve been getting complaints from the three female readers we have. It seems that they’re unhappy we always have galleries of half naked chicks, and never galleries that they would enjoy. Well, here’s one for the ladies. &n…

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Guest Column: A Message From Your Penis

Guest Column: A Message From Your Penis

  Hey dude!  It’s me, your penis!  We know each other pretty well, so let’s skip the cheezy introductions and get down to business: we need to talk.  You’ve been coming up short big time lately, and something&#…

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Drunken Argument Friday: Having a Constant Boner, or Never Having a Boner?

Drunken Argument Friday: Having a Constant Boner, or Never Having a Boner?

  If there’s one thing we like to do more than drink, it’s argue about really important stuff, like if it would be more worse to have a boner all the time, or to never be able to have a boner at all.  Here’s what it soun…

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Drift Wood


Lily Allen And Her Lingerie (TheDailyFix)   Lisa Marie Olivera Is HOT (GorillaMask)   Babes On Bicycles (Coed)   The Best Faceplant Accident Ever (EvilChili)   Batman And The Penquins Master Plan (Cracked)   Pops And His Tec…

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Mr. Information, At Your Service


Crest: For Women


This Sock Monkey Is A Little Too Lifelike


Uh Oh, This Is Bad News


You Dirty, Dirty Grandmas


Doing A Bang Up Job, Girls


Finally, A Book To Help With One Of Life’s Real Problems