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Where do Pics on the Internet Come From


Yesterday I received a legal notice about a photo on Holy Taco. Some gentleman apparently owned said photo and was not amused that we were hosting said photo. We didn’t have permission to use said photo. It was illegal. Copyright infringement. …

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25 Pics of Keith Richards Looking Like Grim Death

keith richards

Keith Richards is reprising his role as Jack Sparrow’s dad in the next Pirates of the Caribbean film. Also, there is no such thing as a decent photograph of this man. There really isn’t. Enjoy a bevy of pics of him mere inches from g…

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25 People Peeing in Public


Sometimes nature calls at inopportune moments; that’s how fancy people who eat with cutlery and off of plates say that sometimes you need to piss in public. Of course, sometimes you don’t.

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25 Parkour Pics


Parkour is a French thing that involves getting from one place to another and traversing obstacles as quickly and efficiently as possible, even if that means Spidermanning your way across buildings and such. Do you need to do all those backflips a…

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25 Pics of Ke$ha Doing the Trailer Park Proud

ke$ha kesha

That Kesha girl sure is popular. She also seems like she might carry with her the vague odor of mac and cheese and beer.

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25 Vintage Racist Ads

racist ad

There was a time when ad executives didn’t want to use cavemen and boobs to sell everything – they felt the best way to demonstrate the usefulness of their product was by peppering ads with a healthy dose of ignorance and racism. The …

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25 Zombie Girls

zombie girl

Zombies are pretty awesome, and so are the ladies. Put them together and it’s a weird kind of awesome that makes you feel a bit uncomfortable.

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25 Smutty Old Pieces of Erotic Art

erotic art

Back before the internet, like in the 80′s, there was no viable source of porn. So our 80′s ancestors created this kind of stuff to get off. It’s about as awesome as it seems.

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25 Awful Pics of Courtney Love Looking Wasted

courtney love

Is it news that Courtney Love is an epic train wreck? No, it’s more of a chronic issue that’s been happening since the 1990s. Still, is she photogenic or what?

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25 Disgusting Looking Drinks

disgusting drink

The world of beverages is a crazy one, with everything from Mello Yello and Thunderbird out there making people vomit left and right. Inexplicably, it seems like some folks are going out of there way to make drinks even more unappetizing. Go figu…

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25 Bizarre Plushies

plushie fetish

If you’re on the internet you should be aware that a “plushie” is another name for someone who enjoys banging stuffed animals. Weird, right? Here’s 25 of ‘em.

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25 Hot Boxing Girls

25 Hot Boxing Girls

Happy Boxing Day!

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