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The Funniest Article Ever Posted In The History of Holy Taco


…would be censored, almost certainly removed, and would possibly cause Holy Taco to be deleted from the internet in a SOPA world because it contained a link to another page on the internet, that contained a funny video from Break or Youtube that its…

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GIF Attack!: SOPA Edition


Hey, do you like GIFs? Do you especially like GIFs that are made up of 3 to 5 second loops of movies and TV shows? Well, in a SOPA/PIPA world, you can kiss GIFs goodbye. GIFs would be considered a major violation of copyright infringement. Yep, you …

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25 Post SOPA LOLCats

9 - night

In the world of SOPA, this is what you’d find on the internet. We can’t post pics we found on other sites, we’d have to make our own terrible ones. Well, half awesome but half terrible. This! It’s not even actually 25, it&…

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The SOPA Article


Click the link if you want to do something about it.

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The Morning Jolt: Up Yours SOPA