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25 Ideas For The Next Fad To Replace Twerking


The internet is full of flash in the pan fads that no one remembers a month later such as Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, caring about Kony, planking, and twerking. How much longer will we endure twerking? Thanks to Miley Cyrus and some popular v…

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You Can Be Arrested For Going On A ‘Planking Spree’

Planking Spree

Here’s something no one has ever said: “We must be vigilant in our crusade to put an end to the planking spree that has plagued our fair city!” No one’s ever said that because everyone just assumes someone planking will eventually get snatched up b…

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Screw Planking! India Has Invented Train Surfing!

Train Surfing

As you are probably well aware, American companies have been sending American jobs to Indian for the past few decades, and it’s only getting worse. I guess. I have no factual data to back that up. But it is a thing that I hear angry people on the n…

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A Quick Word On The Subject of Owling and Planking


Planking started out as something so stupid only idiots were involved. Then, the idiots found out about it and it exploded. It’s everywhere now. NBA stars are doing it. Goddamn Richard Simmons is doing it. It’s reached a critical mass of stupid tha…

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Planking: The Fad For Tools


Have you heard of Planking? Of course you haven’t, because there’s a very good chance you weren’t bludgeoned over the head with steel rods by a pack of feral douchbags. Planking is a new “craze” that’s sweeping…somewhere. Possibly nowhere. Planking…

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