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How to Start a Third Political Party


So, you’ve decided to ruin the political system in America, good for you. Running for office is never an easy task, and trying to not be either a Democrat or a Republican is basically suicide. And hey, for you Canadians, try running on a Green Par…

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How to Run for Political Office (90% of the time)


So, you want to make a difference in society, good for you! Do you have ideals and passion and a desire to make your country a better place? Sorry, this article isn’t for you. We can’t relate to you at all as you’re about as rare as a unicorn.

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25 Hungry, Hungry Politicians

Rick Perry Visits Iowa State Fair

At some point in time, campaign managers decided that, if you want a career in politics, people need to see you eating ice cream or corn dogs. So from that we got this whole gallery. Bonus points for Nixon for being extra creepy.

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Rick Santorum, Let’s Talk About This Picture

Santorum_Ice Cream

Hello, Presidential Candidate Rick Santorum From what I’ve been reading of late, you’re one of those strict anti-gay guys. That’s fine. You have the right to be dumb, just as you have the right to be a guy that we will look back on in 50 years and m…

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Holy Taco’s State of the Union Rebuttal


The picture President Obama painted in his State of the Union address is a rosy one, filled with flowery language and proper “sentence structure”, all about how America is slowly but surely climbing its way out of the economic gutter and back to pro…

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New Conspiracy Theory Suggests Barack Obama Was A Time and Space Traveling Explorer Of Mars – No, Seriously.

Obama Spock

President Obama’s name gets tossed around a lot by conspiracy theorists; I’m guessing because his name is kind of fun to say and it fits in well when surrounded by a bunch of crazy, completely fictitious crap. It’s almost a joke name that you throw…

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The Inner Monologue of Herman Cain Waiting His Turn at a GOP Debate

Herman Cain

What is this, number 10? Is this the tenth debate? I need to check with my assistant. I think this is ten. Why am I not president yet? Didn’t I win 9 times already? I need to debate Barack Obama to win, that’s what I need. Think that’s how I become…

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Which President Should Be The Next To Get Their Face Chiseled On To Mount Rushmore?

Mount Rushmore

Yesterday, October 31st, 2011, marked the 70th anniversary of the completion of Mount Rushmore, that wonderful tourist trap in South Dakota featuring the faces of four of America’s greatest presidents — George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Th…

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Herman Cain for President! (A Holy Taco Endorsement)

herman cain for president

We get some crap on Holy Taco for being too liberal. People say we hate FOX and Republicans and it’s not true at all. We don’t hate Republicans. We do hate FOX, they’re idiotic, condescending, crooked, unethical and pretty much straight up liars…

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Text Messages from Michele Bachmann

john wayne

Michele Bachmann has tossed her hat in the ring for a Presidential run. She’s also an idiot. Yesterday she made news for likening herself to serial killer John Wayne Gacy by accident when trying to invoke that other John Wayne. What more h…

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How Donald Trump Takes On 6 Other Jobs

trump with a stri[[er

Donald Trump is staying in the news not because he is news, but because all journalists have a very subversive sense of humor. Right now, Donald Trump is like the Sam Kinison of politic, he just keeps screeching this outrageously hilarious stuff a…

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