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Those Vines “Exposing” Racism at Convenience Stores are Why the Workers There Hate You


Rashid Polo just hit the viral big time with Vines that purportedly expose convenience store racism. See, every time he walks into a bodega, employees — who act like they’re stocking and checking inventory — follow him to ensure he…

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Six Insane Examples of Racism Caught on Tape (Besides Donald Sterling)


“I want to tell you one more thing I know about the Negro.” Oh man…here it comes.

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Snoop Dogg’s Video Rebuttal to Donald Sterling, aka ‘The [Expletive] That Own the Clippers’


“B*tch-ass redneck white-bread chicken-sh*t motherf*cka.” [*drops mic*]

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Chelsea Handler’s Twitter F*ck-Up, And Other Racist Tweets That Failed Hard


Can we all agree that Chelsea Handler should go back to Africa?

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The 4 Words We Won’t Say (and why we should)


Language is a funny thing – it’s essentially what makes us human and defines every aspect of our external and even internal worlds. Without an understanding of what a thing is and how to signify that thing, we have no common ground between us. It’…

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The Morning Jolt: Happy Black History Month from Morgan Freeman


I will do whatever Morgan Freeman says. From now on he’s just Morgan Freeman and I’m Mike Wallace.

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Confronting Google Search Racism

black white hands

Google is the biggest search engine since Alta Vista, probably. It’s always there to answer your questions. Maybe not accurately, but it tries. And, for the last while, it’s also tried its hand at asking your question before you do as well. Ba…

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The World’s First Racist Comedy Act

The World’s First Racist Comedy Act

The Celts invaded Britain around 500 BC, give or take. 300 years later the Picts arrived – they were generally smaller and had darker skin and settled in Scotland while the Celts had most of the rest of Britain. The English, the Scottish and two …

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Chicken and Watermelon: Understanding Hate through Lunch


If there’s one thing we like to do at Holy Taco, aside from desperately seeking attention, it’s get under people’s skin. This is total insider stuff, but 9 times out of 10 if someone posted a negative comment on an article, we weren’t so stupid as…

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How to Manage Racial Ignorance (With Helpful Pictures!)

racial harmony

Race has been a major factor in human interaction forever. As we progress as a people it has become a curious back table issue that those of us who aren’t mongoloids try not to notice or bring attention to. Some people are fearful of even describ…

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25 Vintage Racist Ads

racist ad

There was a time when ad executives didn’t want to use cavemen and boobs to sell everything – they felt the best way to demonstrate the usefulness of their product was by peppering ads with a healthy dose of ignorance and racism. The …

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