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Man’s Life Magazine Covers Will Boost Your Manliness


Are you the type that comes home after a long day of weasel clobbering and damsel saving and wants nothing more than to relax with a fine glass of jet fuel-grade bourbon and read the latest periodical geared toward men like you — men that enjo…

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Pictures That Desperately Need Captions


Have you ever seen a picture that you felt desperately needed a caption? Well, Regretful Morning is giving you your chance. They’ve got a gallery of 11 pictures so strange the captions practically write themselves.

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Presidential Tattoos For President’s Day


It’s President’s Day, so what better time to view a gallery of people with silly-ass presidential tattoos than now? Thank you, Regretful Morning!

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How To Make A Zombie


Ever wondered how they create those zombies on The Walking Dead? Regretful Morning takes you step-by-step through the process.

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The Truth About Rhinos


We just blindly assume we know everything there is to know about the noble rhinoceros. We know they have a horn on their face and we know that they look like cows built for war. That’s all we know, and that’s all we need to know…or…

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Celebrities As Cyborgs

Bruce Willis_Cyborg

Sometimes you wonder what a certain celebrity looks like naked. Other times you wonder what a celebrity would look like if they were a cyborg. If you fall in to the second category, Regretful Morning’s got you covered.

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Joke Bumper Stickers To Mess With Your Friends

Bumper Sticker

If you need help deciding which offensive joke bumper sticker you want to buy, Regretful Morning has a gallery up featuring the wide selection of potential fight-starting practical jokes.

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What Happens When a Real Artist Takes On Rage Comics

Troll Face

Our friends over at Regretful Morning have a great little gallery of a real artist’s interpretations of rage comic characters. That artist goes by the name Sam Spratt and Sam has a little thing called talent that will take him far.

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