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25 Sex Toy Names We Really Need


Fleshlight is a finely named product, as are Rub My Duckies and Butt plugs, because they are plugs for your butt and that seems an accurate moniker. But if you have to name sex toys, you may as well have some fun with it.

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What Your Sex Toy Says About You


Say, you like treating your body like an amusement park, right? Sure you do! It’s the reason we all have dongs and lady dongs, whatever those may be. But is there some secret to what rubber or plaster widget makes your gitch twitch? Is there a hi…

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When Internet People Make Fake Vaginas


As you know, I have a history of reviewing Fleshlights in non sexy ways. I mean, obviously you can hump one, but what else is it good for? That’s always been my point of view. But what are other people out there doing? I know that there are a lo…

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25 Ridiculous Love Dolls (mildly NSFW)


Having a love doll at all is kind of sad. Having one of these is just wrong. So wrong.

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6 Depressing Home Made Sex Toys


Our good friends at Fleshlight are kind enough to send us disembodied vaginas on a semi-regular basis that we can either try or put googly eyes on, on a case by case basis. But the Fleshlight is also pretty much the pinnacle of the affordable, mode…

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25 Things With Holes in Them that Still Make Poor Ideas for Fleshlight Designs

hole in a cow

The good people at Fleshlight have sold over 4 million units now (unit..ha!) and in honor of that we thought we might like to help them out. But they seem to already know what to do, so we’ll cover what not to do. Remember, even though they…

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How to Pick a Sex Toy

sex toys

So you’ve decided to give up ol’ Righty in favor of a real, honest to goodness sexual construct to aide in your marital relations and/or lonesome, gloomy, mid-afternoon wank sessions to help you manage the crushing depression of your so…

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5 Businesses That Should Have Drive-Thru Windows (Besides Sex Shops)

5 Businesses That Should Have Drive-Thru Windows (Besides Sex  Shops)

Welcome to Huntsville, Alabama, home of the world’s first drive-thru sex shop. Pleasures, the shop in question, recently moved into their new location, a former bank with a three-lane carport. According to the store’s press release, sex…

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Free Sex Toys at Swedish Hotel? What’s the Sound of Excited Dry Heaves?

Free Sex Toys at Swedish Hotel?  What’s the Sound of Excited Dry Heaves?

Do you know why this story is noteworthy? It’s not because a hotel in Sweden is offering guests free sex toys in the minibar, it’s this – hotels have existed beyond recorded time. There was no room at the inn for Joseph and Mary…

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