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How to End the Simpsons


So, you’ve decided to end the longest running, funniest show in the history of television that has, according to many, suffered a severe slide in quality over the past few (dozen) years. Good for you! But you can’t end a television icon on a whim,…

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25 Oddly Unsettling Realistic Cartoons


Probably one of the things you love about cartoons is that they never make you sleep under the stairs after they catch you sinning. Another fun thing is their playful esthetic which, as you’ll see, some zany artists like to dink around with.

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8 Simpsons Storylines We’d Like to See

simpsons watching tv

The Simpsons is an institution in comedy, it has been on TV for literally 54 years and has featured every man, woman and child on Earth as a guest voice. And it suffered a backlash a few years back. Starting a little rough, the Simpsons became on…

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Baby Gerald is All Grown Up Now


Madeleine Dupont Gets Naked (TotalProSports)   Everyone Was Keyboard Dancing (Manofest)   Nicole Jackson Hotness (Coed)   Chick Dig Zack G (LemonDrop)   Star Wars Gets Real (TheChive)   Need a Mentor? (MadeMan)   Paige …

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Nice Sha-D’oh!


FAKE! (He’s Not Drinking Duff)


Stacy Keiblers Hot Bikini Body (TheDailyFix)   The 20 Sexiest Rockstar Spawn (Coed)   The Best Of Mighty Boosh (AdultSwim)   Megan Wants A Millionaire (LemonDrop)   Exercise For Hot Chicks Hell Yeah (EvilChili)   Where Movie…

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Looks Like Ralph Wiggum Did OK For Himself

Looks Like Ralph Wiggum Did OK For Himself

Despite being a fictional character in a cartoon series (and a really, really stupid one at that), it appears that Ralph Wiggum managed to grow up, become real, and get a job that pays him enough to afford a BMW. Super Nintendo Chalmers must be ver…

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