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Justified or Unjustified: 11 Crazy Laws That Are Still In Place


This great country has a functioning democracy (for the most part). What that means is that we all get to pitch in once in a while and figure out what we can all agree is right or wrong in our society. We get to have a hand in creating the laws in …

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Ghosts in the Machine: 6 Spooks that Haunt You Through Technology (and How to Overcome Them)

caller dvd

The Caller just dropped on DVD and it features True Blood’s Bill Compton and a Twilight vampire doing nothing vampiric whatsoever, however they are being haunted by one of those phone calling ghosts. Unsurprisingly, it looks like ghosts have…

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Apocalypse How?: The Origins of 6 Movie Zombies


The Spanish zombie flick REC wasn’t actually a zombie movie per se, but in the way that any movie with a bunch of bitey buggers trying to eat the cast is considered a zombie movie, it sort of qualifies. And like any good zombie movie, you have to …

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Going with It: 6 of the Best Worst Scams to Pick Up Women


If you’re like the Holy Taco staff, you don’t need tricks to pick up women because you gave up on interpersonal relationships years ago. But if you’re not like us, then maybe you do need some help talking to the fairer sex (that’s ladies; they’re …

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Breaking Worse: 5 Real Life Teachers Who Turned to Criminal Night Jobs

breaking bad

Breaking Bad is the heartwarming tale of Malcolm in the Middle’s dad getting cancer and using his knowledge of chemistry to produce and then sell meth. It’s the inevitable fate of all chemistry teachers. And lest you think that’s an overstatement…

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7 Badass Ways to Do Every Day Things Faster

Faster The Movie

Faster is the way of the world, man. Back in the 80’s it was cool to take the bus and wait till you were at home to make phone calls but in the here and now we need everything right away. We need to tweet the news as it happens and make Osama jok…

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