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The Traumatizing Stages of an Emergency Number-Two


Let’s get really immature here: taking a nice, relaxing number-two in your own home is one of the great small, daily joys in life. In our own homes, around everything that makes us comfortable, that’s where we drop our best deuces. When we’re away …

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The 7 Stages of First-Time Sex with Someone


If you’re anything like us, your sexual encounters are usually pretty awkward.  Once you’ve been with a girlfriend or boyfriend for a while, they get used to your particular style and you’re in the clear, but you’ll neve…

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The 8 Stages Of Alcohol Consumption


During the course of a night out on the town, a person likes to have a drink, or twenty.  And on that voyage, there are some very clear stages you pass through.  We decided to outline them for you, so that you could monitor where you̵…

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