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4 Drunk Stories Everyone Has


Everyone of a certain age and value set enjoys a good drunkening. That should be a fairly acceptable statement. Incidentally, if you’re one of those 19 year olds who doesn’t drink, for the love of Pete don’t get all preachy about it, because it’s …

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10 Books You May Have Missed in Your Childhood


Books are great things and it’s a shame to see what’s happened to literacy in an internet world where people will actively argue on behalf of poor grammar and spelling because it “doesn’t matter.” Don’t get angr…

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I’ve Decided To Sublet A Section Of My Bedroom


  Times have been incredibly difficult, financially, and it was a total desperation move, but I had to do it. I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a subletter for the vacant side of my bedroom. “Comfortable three bedroom apartment in…

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