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Silliness That Could Have Been: Hamster Ball Space Suit

Hamster Ball Spacesuit

Up until this very day space travel has been devoid of giant hamster balls designed for people. Many have argued for years that the only way to truly explore the vast, cold emptiness of space is with large rolling bubbles that look like they have C…

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Superman Was Almost A Walking Rave Party

Superman Was Almost A Walking Rave Party

This is…this is just…Jesus…what the hell is this? Can someone call up Tim Burton so we can find out what this was supposed to be? Because from what I’m seeing here, if it weren’t for his Superman film getting canceled, Superman would have looked li…

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Another Great Reason to Eat Kids


Why You Should Never Rush Down a Steep Flight of Bat Stairs


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Don’t Worry, I Brought My Giant Magnet