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Too Damn Hot: A Poem


Because it’s too damn hot. I wrote tis poem.

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The Corona Summer Caption Contest

Corona Summer Banner

It’s summer time and that means you should probably hit some water slides with me. Before we arrange that though, the good people at Corona asked me if I wanted to run a contest for you lot to help kick off their Corona Summer promotion becau…

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6 People Who Will Ruin Your 4th of July Party


We’re coming up on everyone’s favorite summer blowout holiday, Independence Day, the day Columbus freed the slaves and killed Paul Revere. To best celebrate this most hallowed of summer holidays, you should probably have a party. Thing is, you nee…

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Summer Blockbuster Bingo


We’re just now leaping full force into the summer blockbuster movie season. Why not bring along our handy Bingo card and see how many movies can flesh it out for you this year. Here’s a hint, you’ll probably fill every spot if yo…

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What Your Vacation Destination Says About You


Summer is the time when you force the family into the station wagon to go on vacation whether anyone likes it or not. But your destination says a lot about who you are and where you’re going in life. So let’s see what your vacation destination say…

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5 Annoying People You’ll Meet at the Pool


Man, hot enough for ya? Ha ha, what a great question, thanks for asking, dingus! No one likes talking about the weather, nor does anyone like feeling like it’s so hot they could boil an egg in their ball sweat. Our solution, as modern, technologi…

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Hastily Completing Your Summer Bucket List This Labor Day Weekend


Sorry, kids, but Labor Day is this weekend and that means that summer will officially be over. Were you one of the lucky few who was able to cross everything off of your summer bucket list? If you were, then you’re not this guy. The beginning…

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Yes, We Know. It’s Hot. There’s A Heatwave.


So apparently the whole country is undergoing a painful, almost supernatural, heatwave. We know this because a) It’s super hot outside, and b) people won’t stop mentioning it in everyday conversation. Yes, we all know that the weather i…

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Holy Taco’s Favorite Cheesy Summer Movie Scenes


Well, if you’re an American, you’re going to be enduring the hot dog filled transition from spring to summer known as Memorial Day Weekend! It’s the kickoff for the summer vacation season, a season that was magnified and corned-up…

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Be Afraid: China Has Developed Deadly Exploding Watermelon Technology


Folks, it’s no secret that the Chinese are plotting an extravagant and deadly scheme to kidnap the state of Massachusetts and hold it for ransom in an effort to get back all the money America owes them. But for quite some time the manner of the tak…

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Holy Taco’s Back To School Shopper’s Guide

Holy Taco’s Back To School Shopper’s Guide

We vaguely remember being students for most of our lives and dreading the final week and a half of August. Summer time fun is over and it’s back to the grind of attaining knowledge that you don’t want, having crushes on girls that think…

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