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Amber Heard Pictures


    Where You’ve Seen Her: Amber Heard got her start as one of the stars on the hit movie ‘Friday Night Lights’.  But now, she’s recently admitted to being a lesbian, which puts her on a whole new tier of …

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Alice Greczyn Pictures


    Where You’ve Seen Her: Alice Greczyn has been in a variety of hits such as Sleepover, Fat Albert, Sex Drive, and now is in the hit show Lincoln Heights, which I know you’ve all heard of.  Aside from that, she̵…

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Layla Kayleigh Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Good god is Layla Kayleigh hot.  She’s done everything from worked on G4 to co-hosting "Americas Best Dance Crew" to…well lots of other stuff.  Basically, Layla is the perfect face…

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Erica Ocampo Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Erica Ocampo is an actress/model, and definitely one of the hottest chicks I’ve ever seen.  She also lives with her surfer boyfriend Warren Metcalfe in Bali, where she happened to do her Miss May photo…

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Alina Pascau Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Alina Puscau is an internationally known model from Romania.  Once, long ago, there was a foreign exchange student I knew who looked similar to this.  She was also from Romania, and was really hot. &nbs…

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Aly Michalka Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Aly Michalka is a Singer/Songwriter who has had a string of acting gigs, most notably one of the cheerleader Marty in the show Hellcats.  A girl this hot as a cheerleader is basically a crime.   Pointle…

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  Sexy Girls Fishing Gallery (TotalProSports)   Incredible Star Wars Themed Food (WildAmmo)   Skulls Make Cool Art (TheDailyWhat)   Megan Fox Is Sloppy (Popoholic)   This Chick Has Tentacle Arms! (IAmBored)   6 Fun Way…

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Emma Frain Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Emma Frain is an accessibly hot model from the UK.  Posing for magazines like Nuts, Zoo, and Playboy, she also has a degree in sports science — so basically she’s not entirely retarded, which ma…

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Minka Kelly Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Minka Kelly may or may not have been on the taco recently, but given she just finished a red hot photo shoot with Esquire and was named the sexiest woman of 2010, it goes without saying is that we need to ga…

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Rachel Carr Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: No, Rachel Carr is not the Rachel Carr from Gossip Girl.  This one used to be a body double for Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Kylie Minogue.  Recently, she’s gone on to train to be a WWE…

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Nina Moric: Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Nina Moric was the hot girl from Ricky Martin’s "Livin’ La Vida Loca" video. You remember that video, right?   Pointless quote: “God gave me a beautiful body. I like it …

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Amanda Marcum Pictures


  Where You’ve Seen Her: Amanda Marcum is an Oklahoma girl who likes four wheeling into mud puddles and going to Church.  She’s modeled for Tommy Hilfiger, Armani, and many more.   Pointless Quote: "To tell you the t…

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