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25 Names For Your Future Mexican Restaurant


As you may have guessed, we have a love for tacos up in here. Taco Bell, Taco Del Mar, Taco…well, that’s all we know. But if a joint sells tacos, we respect them because they’re delicious in pretty much every way. That said, we need more Mexican …

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Report: Taco Bell Amassing Army of Doritos Taco Shells

Taco Bell_Doritos

It is being reported that Taco Bell, the nation’s leading provider of food you regret eating at 2 am when all other restaurants are closed, has amassed an army of 85 million Doritos taco shells that they will unleash upon the world in March.

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A Review of Taco Bell’s Breakfast Menu (From Four Years Ago)

Breakfast Taco

After we said our goodbyes on the morning of our departure, my friend and I drove by a Taco Bell that claimed it was serving breakfast. We knew this because the Lisa Frank-inspired window dressing that Taco Bell uses as advertising was screaming at …

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Tacos & Babies Go Hand in Hand


Tacos Exploding In Slow Motion

Tacos Exploding In Slow Motion

  Seeing that this site is called Holy Taco, we can’t resist anything taco related. This is by far the coolest taco exploding in slow motion video we’ve seen this month.    The Tiger Woods Voicemail (TotalProSports) How T…

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Ortega Shells or GTFO, Wolfman


How to be More Productive (TheMinimumRage)   Niklas Hagman And His Perfect Goal (TotalProSports)   Feeling Too Significant? Click Here. (TheChive)   The Babes Of Oktoberfest (Coed)   Victoria Rowells Horrible Dress (DailyFix) &nb…

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Kick Her In The Taco, Paco