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Want a Free Tattoo? Then Sit Tight and Let the Bedbugs Bite


An etymologist allowed a thousand hungry, pissed-off bedbugs to chew on his arm, for science! He also created a sweet new method of tattooing that we’re shocked hasn’t caught on yet. If you want to try it out, all you need is a jar of bu…

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What Your Cliché Tattoo Says About You


Some years ago we ventured to tell you what your tattoo said about you, but times have changed and so have tattoos. Miami Ink, LA Ink, Ink Masters, Tattoo Nightmares and a solid 100 other shows about tattoos have permeated the airwaves. Everyone a…

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5 Most Hated Moustaches in the World


It’s November and that means it’s also Movember by nothing but sheer coincidence. Not sure what Movember is? Well then you weren’t reading HT last year or the year before. But whatever – it’s about dudes growing moustaches to raise awareness for …

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Presidential Tattoos For President’s Day


It’s President’s Day, so what better time to view a gallery of people with silly-ass presidential tattoos than now? Thank you, Regretful Morning!

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25 Awesome Yet Still Intimidating Pictures of Danny Trejo

danny trejo scary face

If you don’t know Danny Trejo you should. He just had his biggest role in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete but he’s been playing scary-looking badasses for years and he does it well because he actually is a scary looking bad ass. It&#…

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8 Tattoos Worse than an Unplanned Penis

8 Tattoos Worse than an Unplanned Penis

Everyone’s heard tales of tattoos gone awry – you ask for the kanji symbol for “courage” then find out a year later the symbol on the back of your neck means “semen storage.” You go in for a portrait and you get …

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Are You a REAL Die Hard Fan?


Hot Ginger Girl


What Your Tattoo Really Says About You


Tattoos are more popular than ever. People from nearly every social, cultural, and ideological background are using tattoos as a way to identify themselves to the world.  But sometimes your tattoo can send a message that’s different than …

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The Tramp Stamp: A Gallery


A tramp stamp can say a lot about a girl, so when your looking at this massive tramp stamp gallery, try to pay attention to the message behind the tattoo, and not just the luscious body that it’s painted on.        

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Using Your Belly Button As An Anus In A Tattoo: A Brief Gallery


  Tattoos can be a good way of showing who you are.  And Anuses are a place where shit comes from.  Together, this is what that looks like.  I’m not even sure if these pics count as NSFW, but, just don’t look at them…

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