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The 10 Most ‘WTF?’ Face Tattoos in Mugshots


Two sets of bad decisions in one picture.

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Aaron Hernandez May Have Murder Clues in His Tattoos


This settles it: Aaron Hernandez is dumber than a bag of avocados.

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20 Celebrities With Awful Tattoos: A Photo Tribute


From Gucci Mane’s ice-cream face to Cheryl Cole’s ass-roses, these celebrity tats should see the business end of a laser gun.

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21 of the Dumbest Fast Food Tattoos Ever


Look, all tattoos are stupid on some level. But getting an ironic tattoo of a corporate logo is pretty much the stupidest thing a person can do — and it’s crazy how many people have done it.

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25 Classical Art Tattoos

3 L'Amour de Pierrot

Anyone can get a tattoo of Calvin pissing on Hobbes. To get one of these, it helps to at least know who Monet is.

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25 Ridiculous Lip Tattoos


In fairness, you don’t have a lot of room inside your lip to get something really cool tattooed there. But yeah, here’s some ridiculous lip ones.

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25 People Who Aren’t Getting the Job


Ever heard the term “unemployable?” These people probably have, too.

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Five Lies To Tell About Your Non-Existent Tattoos


photo via buzznet.com It’s really easy to make up great lies about things people can’t see. Like your tattoos. Unless they’re visible, what kind you have, where they’re placed and what they’re of is anybody’s gue…

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25 Tattoos of Comedians

3 - bill hicks

If you have to get a tattoo that depicts another person somewhere on your body, better make sure that person is funny. I dunno why. Just go with it.

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25 Battlestar Galactica Tattoos


We’ve covered Star Trek and Star Was tattoos in the past, even some Lord of the Rings, but just how deep does the nerd hole go when it comes to body mods? Right here, kids. Right frackin’ here.

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Videos Of People Awkwardly Showing Off Their Piercings


I’ve never been huge into piercings, I got my left ear pierced back in the nineties, and that’s where my love for body modification stayed. However, piercings and tattoos are becoming increasingly more common, particularly among young p…

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