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25 Things We Could Do in an Elevator Together


It’s you and me on our way up to the 13th floor and the elevator craps out. We’re trapped. Is help coming? Maybe. Maybe we’ll die here together. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. What exactly can you do with me on an ele…

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The Time I Got Trapped In The Bathroom


I have linoleum tile in my bathroom and I have a functioning bladder and ass bladder (sometimes called guts, sometimes called digestive tract). These two facts are mutually exclusive but came together in a harrowing way recently.

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Snowbound In Your Car For Two Months: WWHTD?


Somewhere just south of the Arctic Circle, forty-four year old Peter Skyllberg, ended up trapped in his snow-covered car for TWO MONTHS! That’s a really long time. Seriously inconvenient. He was probably paying rent on his apartment for those…

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