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Coffee Dad: Twitter Joke, Depressing Existential Quandary


Coffee Dad is a joke Twitter that, the more you read it, turns into a depressing showcase of loss and never-ending grief. Some people, simply can’t pull themselves up by their bootstraps and keep on keepin’ on, no matter how much caffein…

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Pat Sajak: Game Show Host, Bored Twitter Troll

"Jeopardy!" Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational  Tournament Show Taping

Pat Sajak thinks people who fear global warming are unpatriotic racists. He’s trolling people about it on Ywitter, because that always works. It sounds like Pat is more bored and insane than political. We say embrace it. Go on a crazy old man …

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Roger Goodell’s #AskCommish Hijacked Because Why Wouldn’t It Be?


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell recently started the hashtag #AskCommish. He probably figured, just as McDonald’s, Blackberry, Walgreens, the NCAA, and the NYPD, that it would be harmless fluff about his favorite food and how much people love t…

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Chelsea Handler’s Twitter F*ck-Up, And Other Racist Tweets That Failed Hard


Can we all agree that Chelsea Handler should go back to Africa?

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My 25 Favorite People on Twitter


Twitter is the only social media platform I don’t hate.

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15 of our Best Tweets to Donald Trump


This past weekend, Holy Taco’s twitter was recognized for its contribution to the belittling and hatred of Donald Trump, because it’s a hobby we can all get behind. Now if you don’t follow me on twitter (you should) you may have m…

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How to Be Wrong


As some of you know, I’m an avid Twat. Ha ha! I play with linguistics. But seriously, as part of my job, I’m on Twitter a lot and, unofficially, part of my job is to make fun of Donald Trump. I now present to you a series of tweets that resulted…

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6 Signs that Indicated Bill Murray was Not on Twitter


It came to light recently that the Bill_Murray Twitter account was not real. I was not in the loop on this as I recall seeing it some months ago and just assuming it was a fake account, having not been verified and sounding literally nothing like B…

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‘That Can Be My Next Tweet’ Tweets For You, You Lazy Bastards


Tweeting is hard, you guys. So very hard. I mean, to deliver unto you nothing but the finest one-liners (all of which you can find @holytaco) we have to labor for, literally, seconds as we think up bullshit that makes us laugh. And then, on top of t…

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My Twitter Nemesis: M Night Shyamalan


Read this – M Night Shyamalan had a meteoric rise to fame then proceeded to make nothing but shitty movies. TWIST ENDING! That was a tweet you won’t find on twitter. Know why? It was eaten by the internet. That’s not true, I posted it as a…

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Would You Like To Hear My Idea For A Social Networking Site?

Social Networking

I had this great idea for a social media website the other day. Wanna hear it? It’ll be great, I promise. Okay, so, first, when you get to this social media website, you’ll have to login, because the login page is like the mote and hundred-foot ston…

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