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‘Two and a Half Men’ Is Finally Ending, Thank God

2011 CBS Upfront

I’d say we hardly knew ye, but much like an aging mother-in-law, you overstayed your welcome and stunk up every room you were in.

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What Will Become of Ashton Kutcher After His Divorce?


Ashton Kutcher is no longer part of Hollywood power couple who-gives-a-shit couple Ashmi Kutchmoore. People called them that, right? Doesn’t matter, he’s just Kelso again. You and I may have been aware their marriage ended weeks ago after Kutche…

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A Review of the Charlie Sheen-Less Two-and-a-half Men, Guest Article By Charlie Sheen


  As some of you worms may have noticed, last night’s season number who-gives-a-damn premier of Two and a half Men featured a significant lack of me. Something called an Ashton is attempting to fill the chasm of talent and wildebeest-like magn…

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25 Pics of Ashton Kutcher Looking Like a Tool


Usually in a gallery when we make fun of someone it stands on its own merits but let it never be said we unjustly mocked Ashton Kutcher, the man behind the painfully unfunny Punk’d, the man who tried to popularize trucker hats, the man who is…

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25 Storylines to Introduce Ashton Kutcher to Two and a Half Men

ashton kutcher two and a half men

So Ashton Kutcher is going to replace Charlie Sheen and if there’s a way you can watch a show even less than not watching it at all, we’re on it. Despite that, producers still need a way to transition the characters and, because Holy T…

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Two and a Half Men Finds a Fresh Audience


The recent chain of events surrounding the show Two and a Half Men has given people time to stop and think about how awful the show actually is. Which is why, we here at Holy Taco have taken it upon ourselves to find a fresh, young audience who can…

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Waiting for the Punch Line at the End of the Charlie Sheen Rollercoaster

sheen is watching you

I decided about three days ago to stop writing about Charlie Sheen once it became abundantly clear his zany behavior was simply orchestrated for attention, the world’s most preposterous publicity stunt towards an end that probably doesn’t matter. …

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Charlie Sheen’s First 24 Hours on Twitter


Charlie Sheen has saturated the web since his recent series of meltdowns. It’s all too easy, and too entertaining to ignore. He’s only hurting hookers and himself, so what’s the problem with playing into his cries for attention. T…

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Charlie Sheen: Winner

Charlie Sheen:  Winner

Listen, try to wrap your skull around this concept. I’ll have someone draw some pictures for you later if it’s too much for you, OK? I just won. Have you been on the internet? Newsflash, you’re on it right now. It’s in computers. It’s in me n…

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Our Valentine’s Gift To You: Two and a Half Men is Getting Its Season Cut Down


It’s no secret that we at Holy Taco are no fans of Two and a Half Men. We will occasionally and randomly poke fun at it in our articles for no other reason than because the show is terrible and yet it continues to exist. We also tend to poke fun at…

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Incestuous Serial Rapist Josef Fritzl Loves ‘Two and a Half Men’

Incestuous Serial Rapist Josef Fritzl Loves ‘Two and a Half Men’

Remember Josef Fritzl? Sure you do. He’s the Austrian family man who secretly kept his daughter locked in a dungeon for 24 years. During that time, he repeatedly raped and impregnated her, forcing her to have seven of his incestuous children,…

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