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Come Aboard The Vampire Cruise Setting Sail Next June!


Are you a pasty wannabe vampire looking for some R&R? Do you enjoy washing down a meal of B- blood with a chilly daiquiri? Do you often pretend that the sun scorches your flesh every time you exit a building? If you answered yes to any of the …

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Awesome Online Support: Vampires

Awesome Online Support:  Vampires

Human frailty has exploded in the computer age if online support groups are any indication. Before the internet, all you had was AA and, if you were lucky, a heroin dealer who was kind enough to dip your needle in bourbon before he let you shoot u…

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Vampire Fight!


Threats of Brock Lesnar (BleacherReport)   Erin Andrews is Dancing (TotalProSports)   Star Trek for Christians (Manofest)   Monica Hansen Hotness (Coed)   Dont Diss Britney, Ke$ha (LemonDrop)   Friday Photobombs (TheChive) &…

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