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King Joffrey, Carl Grimes, And Five More Hate-Worthy TV Characters We’d Like to Kick Down a Flight of Stairs


I don’t know anyone who loves Game of Thrones who doesn’t want to see Joffrey die. Like, painfully. Like, right now.

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Naming Superheroes According to B-List Character Rules


If you’ve spent any time reading comic books, watching comic book movies or enjoy the myriad of comic book cartoons, odds are you’re passingly familiar with superheroes and their alternate identities. I would wager all of you know that Batman’s rea…

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25 of the Biggest Jerkoffs in Movies

5 - kobra kai

Every movie with slightly weak writing needs a really impressive asshole to make up the ante. Complex characters with realistic motivations and understanding are too had to write, it’s much easier to just use a one-dimensional uber-ass of a …

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25 Kick Ass Sidekicks

green hornet's sidekick

Any protagonist (or villain) wort his salt has a sidekick. Often times the sidekick is more awesome than the side he’s kicking. Or whatever. Anyway, here’s some sidekicks. Word.

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25 of the Lamest Looking Movie Villains Ever


Everyone is all a-twitter with news of how George Lucas is violating Star Wars again. And while he’s turned Vader into the lamest sounding villain ever, at least he still looks cool. Not like these jokers.

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Casting 7 Villains we want to see in the Next Batman Movie


This weekend new photos surfaced of Tom Hardy in full-on Bane gear from the Dark Knight Rises. With Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman and inspired choices from previous films including Cillian Murphy’s Scarecrow and Heather Ledger’s Joker, Christopher…

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