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Interviews with Workers Like Shane from Walmart (If They Were Actually Real)


A series of bulletin board warnings from the exasperated manager of “Shane from Walmart” have gone viral, even though his wacky insubordination is hopelessly, transparently fake. How do we know? Here’s what would happen to irrevere…

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It Came from the WalMart $5 Bin: Scary or Die


Look at the art on the box for this DVD, how could you not buy it? It features an evil clown. I couldn’t resist, despite not knowing anything else about the film. I refused to even read the back. Shut up and take my $5.

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The 9 Best WalMart Stories of 2011


As the year draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what’s transpired this year and give thanks for not being part of a headline about WalMart. Unless you were in the store when any of this crap went down.

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Small Business v. Big Business: Mom-and-Pop Brothels Fear Big Walmart-style Brothels


So you and your significant other are living the dream. You’ve come together and opened a small business. In fact, it is the very definition of a small business. The atmosphere in your store is warm and cozy. You a very kind to your customers; you …

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Shop At The Made In America Store!

made in america

Are you tired of shopping at your local mega-mart and finding all of the products you purchased were manufactured in some far-off land that, if looked up on a map, has its seas surrounded by mystical dragons? Are you sick of having to wipe your pin…

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Star Wars and Public Masturbation: Together At Last

Star Wars and Public Masturbation: Together At Last

Since the late 1970′s, dorks around the world have sought to combine their love of Star Wars with their crippling addiction to public masturbation. Unfortunately, all attempts to reconcile the two beloved pastimes have failed…until now!…

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Looks Like It’s Frozen


25 Sexiest People Of Walmart


Someone needs to grab a hose from the Home and Garden section and cool these smoking hot people off! Rawrrr!  

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