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Hamster Asses, Doorknob Licking, And Other Strange Japanese Obsessions


I realize that it’s the antithesis of political correctness to make sweeping generalizations about a whole group of people, especially if that generalization tends toward the negative. But man…the Japanese are just plain effing weird.

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Why Do These Coffees Exist?


I’m not a coffee fan. I’ll drink coffee if you’re offering drinks and for some reason literally have nothing else and I’m thirsty, but that’s it. I don’t hate it, I just couldn’t really care less about it. Some people, however, are still in that …

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10 Books for the Insane


I sometimes wonder what it’s like to be insane. I don’t mean minor league insane, like my family, but big ol’ crazy insane, like people who yell at pots and pans and hear voices and maybe try to build living meat statues for the L…

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5 Foods I Don’t Want to Eat from Etsy


Did I just write a whole week’s worth of food related articles for some reason? Yes I did. Go with it. Everyone eats, it’s relatable. That said, I found myself on Etsy looking for some crocheted nut warmers today and ran afoul of their food sect…

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9 of the Most Depressing Fetishes Ever


Fetishes make the world go ‘round and everyone is into something. You prefer blondes, you prefer big boobs, you like honey mustard on your taint, whatever. Most fetishes (not all. Never all. But most) are perfectly OK. It’s a harmless quirk tha…

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This is Not Why I’m Broke


ThisiswhyImbroke.com is a sort of shopping site that directs you to places where you can find the coolest, weirdest items online so you can waste your hard earned money and get a jetpack. As such, it seems like a valuable service. Seems that way, …

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5 Things Easily Found Online That Would Scar You in Real Life


The internet is one of mankind’s greatest achievements – a near limitless tool for connecting people the world over and sharing the entirety of human knowledge. It’s literally the closest thing we have to a manifestation of God, if you think about …

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25 Creepy Stuffed Toys

creepy stuffed toy

Stuffed toys are some of the first you’ll give a child, due to their lack of sharp corners and/or arsenic. And while that’s all fine and good you should probably not give them creepy, nightmare toys. Unless you’re positive it…

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25 Ridicuolously Unreadable Magazines

weird magazine

Print isn’t dead, it’s just gotten weird. Like these magazines, which you can peruse next time you’re at your dentist. If your dentist is awesome.

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25 Weird Ass Kinds of Underwear (Mildly NSFW)

twilight underwear

Underwear should be simple, normal and form fitting. It should not be preposterous.

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Holytaco Buzz: Stroke of What?

Holytaco Buzz: Stroke of What?

Many things change in a person after a stroke; sexual orientation is now one of them.  Don’t believe me?  That’s what happened to Rugby Player Chris Birch, who injured himself attempting a back flip and suffered a stroke in the process.…

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