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Hamster Asses, Doorknob Licking, And Other Strange Japanese Obsessions


I realize that it’s the antithesis of political correctness to make sweeping generalizations about a whole group of people, especially if that generalization tends toward the negative. But man…the Japanese are just plain effing weird.

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The Coolest Man Alive? (Hint: The Answer is No)


How to Grill the Perfect Burger (mademan)   Kid Raps for LA House of Reps (drunkenstepfather)   Dude Wins $250K for Watching Office Space (EJB)   How Much Does Cameron Diaz Get Paid? (askmen)   Sarah Lyons is HOT (gorillamask) &n…

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Well, I Hadn’t Considered Becoming A Mormon. But Now….

Well, I Hadn’t Considered Becoming A Mormon.  But Now….

  I really hope that God has an itunes playlist that he goes running to, and someone snuck into his office and put this on it, and right in the fourth mile of his run, as he’s getting tired, it comes on and he lets out a sigh of "yo…

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Monday Afternoon Link Dump


Mel B Sucks A Lollipop (TheDailyFix)   Teresa Noreen Is HOT (GorillaMask)   The Dos Equis Academy (DosEquis)   What Your Porn Says About You (LemonDrop)   Hot And Flexible Yoga Babes (Coed)   Myleene Klass Is Sexy (Maxim) &n…

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Soccer is Creepy


Friends Fishhook Eachother


Leighton Meesters Sex Tape (TheDailyFix)   Purse Snatcher Caught On Camera (EvilChili)   Rock Band: Beatles spawns More Artist Spin-Offs (Medialoper)   Sexy Olivia Wilde (Maxim)   Theresa Graziadei Is HOT (GorillaMask)   Hot…

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Martin’s Fine Furniture: Still Completely Crazy

Martin’s Fine Furniture: Still Completely Crazy

  Every day when we’re searching for good videos, we come across at least a few commercials from Martin’s Fine Furniture, which are easily the best furniture commercials out there.  We usually try to avoid posting too many of …

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A Slow Motion Shot Of What You Look Like Milliseconds After Being Kicked In The Nuts


Really? This Makes God Happy?


Every Family has a Crazy Uncle Ed


Victoria Beckhams Boobies (TheDailyFix)   Loredana Is HOT (GorillaMask)   Cameltoes In Cheerleading (GorillaMask)   Sexy Malin Ackerman Gallery (Maxim)   Olivia Wilde Gets Topless (Coed)   Problem With Winning Bike Races (Ev…

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I Think This Is The Last Place I Saw My Keys


I Don’t Always Drink Beer, But When I Do…