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Alternative Uses For Homeless People, Using The SXSW Manner of Logic


If you’re at SXSW right now and you’ve got some speedy WiFi access, you can thank your friendly neighborhood homeless person for allowing you to tweet about how shitty the WiFi is. A marketing company by the name of Bartle Bogie Hegarty has equipped…

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According To Science, WiFi Kills Sperm. To Put It Another Way, WiFi Is A Contraceptive


If you and your lady have been trying to have a baby but your sperm just isn’t finding its way to the egg, then you should probably stop having sex while amid the invisible fog of your home’s WiFi connection and you should probably stop ejaculating…

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25 Hilarious WiFi Network Names


Giving your WiFi network a funny or clever name is a great way to freak out your annoying neighbors without hiding in their bushes or peeping in their windows late at night.  

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