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MMA in Lingerie: The Most Pointless “Sexy” Idea Ever


There’s a lingerie MMA league, called the Lingerie Fighting Championships. It tosses out all the tasty parts of pro wrestling, MMA, reality TV, and sex, blending behind nothing but a bland, pointless glop that gives the viewer shockingly littl…

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6 of the Best Female Comedians Working Today


Not too long ago, sad old timer Jerry Lewis reiterated his distaste for female comedians, stating how unfunny they are, or something very much like that. It doesn’t matter because he’s irrelevant to the modern world and, truth be told, he was not a…

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When Boobs Go Bad


Any man on Earth with an interest in boobs (gay guys, go have a smoothie) can confirm that, at some point in time, in a conversation with a woman, you’ll be challenged with the spurious and confused notion that men just love boobs.

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My New Pink Button: Product of the Day


Don’t you just hate faded and discolored labia? And do you have any idea how long I, as a writer, have been waiting to type that sentence and have it be relevant to something? What a day for a daydream today is.

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5 Girls You’ll Meet at the Avengers Premiere


This Friday is the premiere of Marvel’s The Avengers, the biggest thing to happen to comic book movies since Dolph Lundgren made us all fall in love with the Punisher. The movie is sure to be huge and will rake in more money than any of us are ever …

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What Guys Think of Women’s Hair Styles


Women put a lot of effort into their hair, usually. If you weren’t sure what guys think of those hair styles and the lady under then, this oughtta help.

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Stephen Hawking Spends Most of His Days Thinking About Boobs

Stephen Hawking_Boobs

Stephen Hawking. He’s one of the smartest people to have ever lived, and even he, in his infinite, universally expansive wisdom, has no goddamn clue how women function. In an interview with New Scientist magazine, Hawking was asked what he thinks a…

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25 Unsexy Sexy Costumes

cow girl

Every year when Halloween rolls around, a large percentage of women who otherwise seem to be able to function normally, sit down and think “this year for Halloween, I’m going to be a sexy ________ .” Invariably, they end up being…

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5 of the Most Terrible Ladies of Hip Hop


Bad hip hop has become a fabulous genre all on its own thanks to musical luminaries like Bangs and Ja Rule. But too often the terrible ladies of hip hop are overlooked in favor of the terrible men. But no longer! Holy Taco has suffered through t…

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What TV Commercials Teach Us About Men and Women


TV commercials are 30 second windows into the minds of complete insanity. They look like real life, with real people and real products, but they almost never reflect anything you have ever experienced. Or do they? The best way to tell is to take…

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Going with It: 6 of the Best Worst Scams to Pick Up Women


If you’re like the Holy Taco staff, you don’t need tricks to pick up women because you gave up on interpersonal relationships years ago. But if you’re not like us, then maybe you do need some help talking to the fairer sex (that’s ladies; they’re …

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