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Jemima Packington, the Asparagus Psychic [VIDEO]


Jemima Packington is a British soothsayer who claims to be the world’s only “asparamancer”. Since she had to coin the term herself, we believe her. Nobody else would use stalks of asparagus to predict the damned future, but that…

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Holy Taco Bad Book Club: Pro Wrestling Poetry


“Parts Unknown: Wrestling, Gimmicks, and Other Works” is a book of avant garde pro wrestling poetry by Michael Holmes. It’s as bad as it sounds, and the endless string of obscure references and insider terms paint the “poet&#…

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Holy Taco Bad Book Club: The Tushy Book


The Tushy Book is a (so, so awkward) celebration of derrieres, quite often naked ones. The authors designed their book to be an innocent and non-pervy romp, but thanks to their many illustrations of children in their underwear (or less), oh dear God…

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10 WTF Moments From The 2014 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs


In a world where basketball and football playoffs rule the universe (America), hockey is a game for warriors…where pucks in the face and silly goal celebrations are considered profound moments in history.

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Wu-Tang Clan-Affiliated Rapper Cuts Off Penis, Leaps From Second Story Balcony in Failed Suicide Attempt



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Meanwhile, In Japan: BABYMETAL is a Thing You Need to See Now


What you’re about to see is not only a thing, but a thing that sells out stadiums and has been the No.1 top album on the US, UK and Canada iTunes Heavy Metal chart for weeks now.

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30 WTF Moments from Matt Zarley’s WTF

30 WTF Moments from Matt Zarley’s WTF

Word has it this video is not a joke. I say well played, because this shit is hilarious, but I will go with the idea it’s sincere for the purposes of this article because the rational part of my brain still watches and understands it like it’s a r…

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This Guy With No Arms Destroyed a Hotel Lobby, Like a Velociraptor [Video]


So we stumbled on a video of a man with no arms wrecking shop in some lobby because he was angry about something. The original video is entertaining, but we found audio from one of our favorite movie scenes that fit the clip quite well. Watch both …

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7 Weird Korean Commercials


I don’t know anything about Korean culture, but I feel we could all learn a lot from their commercials. Which are, quite honestly, some of the strangest and most absurd I’ve ever seen.

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Srsly Guyz, The Oxford English Dictionary Is Totes Cool Now!

Updated Dictionary

Hey Y’all, JSYK, the cool kidz over here at the Oxford English Dictionary are really hip and with it. When you hear “Oxford English Dictionary”, you don’t usually picture an office full of cutting edge, youth culture savvy …

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6 Degrees of WTF: Holy Taco Edition

wtf seasame street

Behold a simple premise: head to Youtube, type in one search term, check out the first video and then follow the suggested videos to see where it takes you in 6 steps. But what to type in? What’s your first search going to be? It seemed like a n…

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