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Take Your Damn Chrstmas Lights Down!


24 Responses to "Take Your Damn Chrstmas Lights Down!"

  1. sex-pun guy says:

    it looks like christmas arrived early

  2. gay says:

    photo shop

  3. boob luvr says:

    Dude, totally see her left nip.

  4. Your Gay says:

    Yeah lets see more chicks with bad tattoos and c-section marks.

  5. Lance says:

    She seems like every other looking bleached blonde girl. Trashy and hiding stds.
    Let’s see some Latina chicks, sans the H1N1.

  6. Circle Jerk says:

    Being first doesn’t make you cool, kid. It makes you first. Now say something funny.

  7. Im Just a Loser says:

    How come Im never first

  8. cough/cool says:

    cause you probely have a life, and choose to do other things beside sitting if front of a computer screen, which is cool…but questioning wht you are never first makes it not cool.

  9. king kong dong says:

    if you aint first your last!

  10. Funny says:

    Ass cranking chow mein blowing tard nipples… ain’t that not quietly the best non funny quote

  11. pratik says:

    Nice wig.

  12. Octapussy says:

    It really is a nice wig huh?

  13. i need to poop says:

    metart chick

  14. assburgers desease says:

    I’d like to make her into a meat popsicle(with my dick being the stick)

  15. MOUSE says:


  16. I Write, You Hate. You Lose. says:

    Come on Holy Taco! If I wanted to see ugly White women with bleached hair, I would go to the welfare office.

  17. Twattage Cheese says:

    Rick Flairs sister.

  18. Twattage Cheese says:


  19. Mr. Beaner says:

    Damn, this chick look’s so sexy! Mmm!

  20. mooseknuckler241 says:

    She’s a butterhead every thing looks good but her head

  21. The World says:

    More like a butterentirebody.

  22. What says:

    I’d like to butter her sirup if you know what I mean…

  23. Jack Mehoff says:

    Total tranny. I’d still fuck her.

  24. Correction says:

    fuck “IT”