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Target’s Job Application Explains A Lot

Have you ever noticed that walking into a Target department store and dealing with their employees is one of the most frustrating things you will ever have to do? After taking a closer look at their job application, it’s clear why they only seem to hire employees who are really crappy at their jobs.
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57 Responses to "Target’s Job Application Explains A Lot"

  1. Barbara says:

    In answer to question #1, a person would have to be an
    idiot to fill out this application.

    It’s an insult to a person who is in need of a job!

  2. Anonymous says:

    target’s corrective action policy can be frustrating because it’s hard to understand. I’ve finally mastered it and fired 3 idiots so far this year

  3. pete says:

    Employees will treat customers as well as their bosses treat them.
    Retail employees are the way they are because they are just not paid enough to care.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Maybe it’s not always the people who work there that are the issue. It’s a on going thing in EVERY break room of ALL retail stores about how 95% of the people that walk into the stores to buy something either are dumb or act dumb. Why would we want to be nice when we have just had to put up with you acting like a ass because of something we have no power to change. Or better yet you walk in and say i need this part and don’t know what it’s for or what it does or even what it looks like but my wife sent me after it. Oh and if you don’t know I wont shop here anymore. Yes it’s our fault the lowest employee of a billion dollar chain that everything isn’t just how you want it. Hell if we change it for you then the next person won’t be happy. Oh how many times do I have to hear “you changed where the ink was! I don’t like that.” Yes we did…three years ago! Or how about this someone at another store pisses you off so some how it’s my fault? Or how about this my co workers brother died that day…so its just me (I’m selling cell phones so it takes a different kind of training because of contracts and all that jazz) At SOME POINT I will need some sort of break (wouldn’t you want one after 9 hours?) but god forbid I do because you won’t get your cell phone within the next 5 minutes. O I could go on for hours. Yes we get paid maybe 6.75 an hour to “help” you while we are in school or maybe laid off from our $20+ an hour jobs because of whole bad economy thing and our kids HAVE to eat. But before you go online a ASSUME that every retail employee are the same think..hmm maybe that girl last week at walmart was short with me because I pulled her out of her department to help me ACROSS the store and chewed her out over it when it wasn’t her fault when I should have GROWN up and talk to store mgmt about it this way the person at fault went home crying. Or maybe that those who work these jobs are treated like shit everyday, made fun of, walked on etc..that way you can find the right brand of tampons. The people I know work hard…very hard to make you happy. So please don’t assume that all people at all stores are the same because they aren’t.

    Okay I’m done venting…and no I do not work for target but I did work for walmart while in school. The job wasn’t bad because of who I worked with it was the people coming in to shop that treated us so badly…you know the employees are people too

  5. Anonymous says:

    haha i work at Target and yes at the time tehre was nothing else but still good coz ive still got a job coz i didnt quite coz of the resition.Target aint that bad even though they need to employee more staff to keep the place tidy lol. but to get somone fired they need more than one complaint against tehm until teh manager looks into it and see’s why.

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you complain about Target I can’t imagine what you think about Wal-Mart. Target is in a class of its own compared to Wal-Mart. Walmart is the worst company in the world- period. Target is clean & has much better employees & service than any Walmart.

  7. Anonymous says:

    um not all people are retards in retail, Paul. I work at a video store at the moment when before I was working full time at a bank handling over 40,000 dollars in cash a day and closing major business deals and going on site, etc. Because of the economy I’ve had to lower my standards of a ‘good job’ and work in retail to support my family until the banks are hiring again- and where I’ll be making 10 dollars more an hour. Some people just got dealt bad cards.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Don’t work if you don’t want to work.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I work in Marks and Spencer in England and I wish most customers would just fuck off and die. Today we had a lady go to try on some underwear in the changing room who apparently had her period that day and kindly left us her old soiled underwear that smelt so bad and stole the new pair she was trying on. Lovely. (Customers are allowed to try on underwear over their own. Yes I know it’s gross)

  10. Boner Malone says:

    Dudes. ANY fucking retail job is full of retards wtf. WalMart is full of them, even lazy people as well. Target is not that bad, there are hot chicks there if you like checking out 16y.o. you pedophile fucks.
    Best Buy has nerds that will fuck with your shit because you know they can, FTW. Whole Foods, granolas and hippies work there. And hot chicks with tattoos that prolly not only have hairy bushes but hairy legs too.
    Basically ANY retail store job is a retarded field to work in.
    Unless it’s your mom then we all know she works everyone for $20 on a Friday night behind 7-11s.
    Rim Jobs and all.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I work at Target currently. It is a waste. I just want out. I only stay for the crappy health insurance. It is eating my soul! And I hate khaki!! Hate!! I’ve seriously been looking for a new job my entire time there.

  12. Anonymous says:

    American consumers get what they pay for. Maybe they should give retail associates back their souls and some semblance of livelihood before they complain about lack of service. No matter how many times you beat a dead dog with a stick, it won’t get up and fetch it for you.

    This problem can be solved by addressing the larger threat of international corporations with little respect for worker rights. But personally I’m betting hell will freeze before anything is done. The bottom line is just too tempting a mistress.

  13. Anonymous says:

    wow… you obviously got through the application by luck

  14. Anonymous says:

    wow people… it was supposed to be a joke and you are all taking it so seriously
    Calm down
    laugh at life

  15. Nigra says:

    People who post on message boards, about prejudice towards retail workers, are retards.

  16. Nigra says:

    I hate resitions. Good luck with your employeement.

  17. Altagracia Balestier says:

    megustaria travajar hen TARGER polque es unadelas mejore tienda para la Familia

  18. Anonymous says:

    i’ll agree that there are alot of idiots that go into these stores, but there are certain things the application was pointing out that you can’t say arent true.
    how you present yourself weather at a job or shopping there says alot about who you are. the cell phone/conversations with friends/ignoring customers are all things i see at some stores.
    maybe not yours, but it does happen. applaud yourself for being a hard worker with good ethics, for you are far and few between.
    a better example would be home depot. used to be i couldnt walk in there without someone asking if i needed help. now try to find a person to ask is nearly impossible and usually if you do find someone, it isnt their department, but joe who is with another customer can help you when he’s done.
    treat people how you would like to be treated, if you can’t then you shouldn’t be in customer service.

  19. Anonymous says:


  20. Terry says:

    I went in a Target a few months ago and the employee behind the register told me flat out he was too tired to ring me up and to go to another register. After complaining to the second cashier and a manager you’d think the SOB would have been fired right? WRONG. That little shit was there next time I went back.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I worked at Target once and under this application, I shouldn’t have been hired, but everyone else definitely fit the bill. I quit after a month. It sucked.

  22. Hello Dolly says:

    Hello?! Have you even seen http://www.peopleofwalmart.com? I would not say that walmart has a slightly better clientele because there’s PROOF, lmao!

  23. Anonymous says:

    Calm down.

  24. ella says:

    are you kiddine me? this application is for wal-mart…

  25. Carcrash says:

    I personally belive the level of tardness and assheadedness depends on zipcodes. You basicly have two to three types of retail moron to deal with wherever you go throughout this great land of ours. If you find yourself in, lets say, backwoods Arkansas, and you have discovered not “A Walmart”, but “THE Walmart” you’ll be need’n ta know the bag limit on the overweight, spandex wearin, cigarette smokin CASHIER COW. But if you find yourself late one afternoon at a K-Mart in Memphis. You might just need to know where to find something and you will have to ask that friendly sales associate with the cap turned slightly to the right, and those shorts that are down to his ankles, and alll thaaattt BLLIIING!!! it’s the THUG CLERK.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I AGREE!!!

  27. Anonymous24 says:

    oh yeah..that’s because they would rather wait until the lines are long and call the sales associates to be cashiers than pay the miserable minimum wage to have more than two cashiers ready to help. Guest First my ass! Profits First is more like it.

  28. Anonymous24 says:

    So well put

  29. Anonymous says:

    its unfair to classify people who work in retail as retared,its judgemental and out of touch with reality.retail assosciates make up a huge job bracket.
    if you are always dealing with what seems like employees with bad attitudes or low aptitudes, maybe its not them but you. maybe your just a prick.
    were the fuck did this sense of entitlement come from..im not gonna get paid like crap, and get treated like crap at the same time. if you want an employee to treat customers like royalty then train and pay them like specialized staff.
    the fact is you can either get higher prices and better service, or low prices and laziness..

  30. Anonymous says:


  31. Anonymous says:

    I worked for Target for over 8 years. It was the biggest waste of my life. I was fired because someone put up a video of me in my uniform on youtube. Ive saved that company thousands of dollars a year and even closed serious incidents cases. They fired me for a video viewed less than 20 times. HR treats level one employees like children. When District team leaders would have meetings the store would provide them with food. After the meetings they would put the left over food in the break room for level one employees to eat, like there pets. Hr would have Coloring contests for employees like we were children. Employees with children would get perks and good hours. That place is a epic fail. I dont even want to get started on the prejeduce and discrimation I saw in this company. Dont ever work there, its the biggest dead end job you will ever have. The best thing that happend to me was losing my job. I started my own business and I actually look foward to living my life and doing something I love.

  32. ToolForTheMan says:

    I used to work at Target for a short while. I HAD to, it was the only job in a new town. But everyone that worked there was messed in the head. All they could talk about was the job. They either hated it, or loved it. There was no in between. Everyone talked about quitting, but no one ever did. They paid so shitty (I was a stock clerk) I really could give a shit less about stuff. Whenever a customer asked me where some shit was, I would usually say “I’m not sure, I’ll go get my supervisor”, then I would walk to back of the store and take a shit or something. By the time I got back, they were gone, if they were still waiting, I would act suprised, like “OH YEAH, I’m soo soo sorry, I was going to check on that for you.” Then I would turn and leave before they could say anything. Then I really wouldn’t come back, I would go out back and work on the back stock shelves. I hated just about everything about that job, including my idiot manager that would come to work all zippy/peppy/excited like she just won the fucking lotto or something, but no, just business as usual at Target. WTF?
    Morning Pep Talk? GO FUCK YOURSELF!

  33. Ash says:

    No wonder you work at Target.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I’ve never had a problem with Target employees, but Target still sucks shitty ass because there’s like 500 registers and only 2 are open at any given time.

  35. Anonymous says:

    It’s okay, go to a Wal-mart, then Target will seem like they kiss your ass when you walk in the door.

  36. Brad2325 says:

    Retail is so fucked up nowadays. I worked in a mall for six years when I was younger; everything about those corporations is so retarded and stupid – I mean, just think about the concept of a “written verbal warning”. If it’s a written warning, it’s not verbal, and if it’s verbal, it’s not written. How fucking stupid… I mean, how would you like to meet the sort of retarded jackass who came up with that idea? But I guess these idiots who graduate with marketing degrees have to justify their $40K salary somehow by not seeming completely useless. I do shop at Target though because every time I walk into Wal-Mart it’s full of mutants; Target seems to attract a slightly better clientele base.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Yes as a matter of fact they do, I had to take the online app to get my interview, I’m still waiting to hear back. Nothing i like then multiple choice answers when they’re all stupid sounding. Who writes these things?

  38. todders says:

    I wonder if KMart still issues the 98-question personality test for all of its (three) employees? I’m surprised any of them could read that far…

    You haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen MACHO MAN Randy Savage trip/FREAK OUT on a bongful of Salvia:


  39. Anonymous says:

    At least this retail retard still has a job.

  40. Different Anonymous Guy says:

    Yeah, but Target hires the happy, friendly, and functional retards, and the girls are pretty hot.

  41. chad2bert says:

    paul you smell like shitz

  42. chad2bert says:

    I agree 100%… except the one fact that I was a target employee. I worked for 5 years in retail before landing this “great” job. I was a department manager and worked there for about 1 1/2 years…

    anyways; the joy of working at target was that you would work with apeshit little 15-17 year old kids, who if you told them to do anything it was like asking them to climb mount everest.

    I had this one lil’ fucker who i had to ask 5 times in 3 hours to move a box. I then had him come into the office and gave him a written verbal warning. (just to see how messed up this company is im allmost done:)

    The next day my H.R. manager had to “coach” me on how to write people up. Apparently, at Target, you have to give a “Verbal warning” to someone 3 times before giving them a “written Warning”.

    (It takes 3 written warnings to be fired; but you have to give the 3 verbal warnings first…)

    So in a nutshell, you have to be “warned about 16 times to get fired at Target).


  43. Anonymous:) says:

    Is that so? I have this one bitch team lead who put me in infants one night. so i was doing my thing and someone calls me over to help clean up a spill. and while im helping her, the team lead calls over the walkie and demands to know where i am. when i told her, she came storming at me and told me i needed to be done with my area by whatever time, and blahblahblah.

    So a few weeks later, i had to leave an hour earlier than everyone else, and she tells me that I needed to finish my crap. and if i didn’t, it was the second coaching, and after that, she would personally take the steps to fire me…

    so i asked her when the first one was, and she tells me about that night in infants, and how she coached me. And im like…WTF??? i finished that night.

    oh god. shes such a bitch. Now shes just feeding me lines of bullshit so i can be intimidated. I want to go to HR but ti dont want them to think I’m a complainer.

  44. Anonymous says:

    As a Target employee…this is about right.

  45. Anonymous says:


  46. Different Anonymous Guy says:

    I actually shop at Target, because of the quality of person working there. I think you meant to do an application for Walmart, where I will no longer shop.

  47. Blankety-Blank-Blank says:

    Target’s ok, Walmart, I’ve never seen any worker outside the cash register. If you want crappy/annoying service, go to Best Buy.

  48. Paul says:

    Seriously, what quality? 95% of the people working retail are mentally retarded.

  49. Anonymous says:

    That would have been funny if it was funny

  50. Anonymous says:

    Don’t get it twisted. There are just as many dumbasses in front of the counter at Target as it is behind it. Like Paul here.

  51. -N-Game says:

    lol thats great

  52. http://www.lasvegastvshow.org/ says:

    hahahaha good one!