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Tea Leone Fondles Billy Bob Thornton’s Monster Balls

Billy Bob “I-consistently-date-chicks-that-are-way-out-of-my-league” Thornton recently swiped David Duchovny’s wife, Tea Leone:

“Duchovny found out [Tea Leone} had begun a relationship with Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton...through the discovery of explicit text messages on [Tea Leone's] mobile phone, sent by actor Billy  Bob Thornton.”

Billy Bob was married to Angelina Jolie, then he got to bang the hell out of Halle Berry in Monster’s Ball, and now he’s got his crusty old claws in Tea Leone.  Apparently hot women find him appealing, despite the fact that he looks like a 53 year old gas station attendant.  There’s only one logical explanation:

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  1. guess he got game sun