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Teaching Someone About Fantasy Football Is Difficult

The following conversation is between an American guy and an Irish guy who are in a fantasy football league together. The Irish guy has never participated in a fantasy football league before and has very little understanding of the sport itself. He has many questions for his American friend. My favorite on by far is “What is a BN?” Enjoy.

3 Responses to "Teaching Someone About Fantasy Football Is Difficult"

  1. ac says:

    the funny thing is he beat me in a barn burner

    i’m moving to Dublin

  2. EdT says:

    american guy (AG) should work for the U.N. i have no idea how he had the patience to walk that guy through not knowing anything about fantasy football, or (non-soccer)football in general. i would have shot myself in the head instead of teaching irish guy (IG). AG should write a childrens book on how and why to wipe your ass after taking a dump. or if IG ever has a head injury and forgets how to tie his shoes or button a shirt, AG would be his best friend.

  3. iain says:

    @EdT: That was even dumber than the article. Thank you for furthering the plumeting seratonin levels in my brain u gobbler.