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Ted Haggard’s Match.com Profile Page

Ted Haggard, the outed homosexual evangelist who’s been in the news recently, kept his sexuality secret from the world for a long time. But if you read between the lines of his Match.com profile page, it seemed pretty obvious.

3 Responses to "Ted Haggard’s Match.com Profile Page"

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m sure Satan would date him, I mean… A beautiful handsome woman with a vagina and real (or fake) breasts would date him.
    just add ruffies, and I can guarantee it, maybe.

  2. flamingjesus says:

    Comedy gold.

  3. batty007 says:

    As an atheist I find it funny that people hate Ted for being gay. I hate him for lying about it, for being hypocritical, and for not paying taxes like the rest of us. Do I get a government supported gay hooker and free meth? I think not…Oh yeah, don’t forget…Ted was a spiritual adviser to G.W.Bush.