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How Not To Decorate For Christmas

In many homes, the day after Thanksgiving is a day for shopping, sleeping, and putting up Christmas decorations. Unless of course you’re Jewish, or one of those awful people who leaves your decorations up all year. If you are one of those people who leaves your decorations up year-round, please leave. We hate to turn any traffic away, but we are trying to keep holytaco.com a decent, entertaining website for decent people. You are not decent. A lot of people show their Christmas spirit in different ways, with decorations inside the house, outside the house, clothing, and accessories. There are people who show it in tasteful, tactful ways, and then there are these people…

Don’t half-ass it. If you’re going to decorate, do it properly, and don’t let your shit get sloppy. This snowman is clearly depressed, because he’s clearly been neglected for weeks.

Don’t try to be quirky and original. Please, Christmas is a holiday based on tradition. Those traditions should be honored and not changed for the sake of expressing individuality. And nothing says “I want so badly for people to think I’m different,” like putting your Christmas tree upside down.

Don’t over-do it. Take it easy, no matter how classy your decorations are, there is such a thing as too much. Don’t make it look like St. Nicholas to a Christmas crap in your living room.

Keep it classy! Save the tantalizing attire for Halloween.

Don’t buy weird ornaments. They end up in your family forever, then you have to explain them to future generations.



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