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Ten Little Known Facts About Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog turns twenty today! If you’re a Holy Taco writer, you feel old right now. Until Sonic showed up, the video game character world was dominated by two goofy Italian plumbers. Two guys who were incredibly and foolishly focused on saving a whining princess. Sonic was not that type of guy. He was a man of great speed and a man who refused to let a woman keep him from collecting rings and crushing his evil enemies. This article is dedicated to you, Sonic the hedgehog.

Sonic’s character’s age is fifteen. That would explain his boundless energy, fearlessness and arrogance.

When the folks at Sega were deciding on a new mascot, Sonic was up against an armadillo character, a dog, and Theodore Roosevelt wearing pajamas (who later became Dr. Robotnik), and a rabbit.

Sonic’s original codename was “Mr. Needlemouse”

Sonic’s shoes were inspired by a pair of Michael Jackson’s boots.

Sonic’s personality was based on President Bill Clinton’s “Get it done” attitude.

Sonic dies if he falls in water because programmer Yuji Naka mistakenly thought that hedgehogs could not swim.

The original Music for Sonic the Hedgehog was composed by a member of the Japanese pop group “Dreams Come True.” Sega then sponsored a tour of theirs, putting Sonic’s image on the side of their bus and playing clips

from the game before their shows.

Sonic initially had fangs

Sonic also initially had a human girlfriend named “Madonna”

In the American Sonic cartoons, Sonic was voiced by actor Jaleel White. Yes, Erkel.

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